Thursday, February 14, 2013

VOICES OF DISABILITY: Olympic runner Pistorius inspired those with ... - Oakland Press

The Guardian](

[**VOICES OF **DISABILITY**: Olympic runner Pistorius inspired those with **...****](
**Oakland Press**
To many of us with **disabilities** who competed in Paralympic events and dreamed of being the best in a sport, we felt pride and could identify with what he had done. His accomplishments deserved the worldwide publicity they received. But all of that now **...**
[Oscar Pistorius: athlete who overcame **disability** to become a global star]( Guardian
[Oscar Pistorius: From toddler with no legs to the world-famous Blade Runner]( Daily Record
[Oscar Pistorius really did 'Inspire a Generation' - but a guilty verdict will **...**](
[](;-[BBC Sport](;-[USA TODAY](
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