Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gary Thompson, Kentucky Beggar Who Fakes Having A Disability, Earns ... - Huffington Post

CBS News]($100k-a-year-panhandling/)

[**Gary Thompson, Kentucky Beggar Who Fakes Having A **Disability**, Earns **...****](
**Huffington Post**
Gary Thompson spends his days panhandling in a wheelchair on the streets of Lexington and faking his mental and physical **disabilities**, LEX18 reported. After he was confronted by a group of reporters recently, the bogus beggar, who does have some **...**
[Ky. Beggar Brags He Makes $100000 A Year Faking Mental **Disability** [VIDEO]]( Jobs
[**Disability** Impostor Claims He Makes $100K]( Scoop
[Scammer claims he pulls in $100K a year panhandling]($100k-a-year-panhandling/)CBS News
[New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV](
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