Monday, February 11, 2013

Social Security: Spending to Double over Decade, Disability Claims Rising -

Mother Jones](

[**Social Security: Spending to Double over Decade, **Disability** Claims Rising**](
The main takeaways: Social Security is failing faster than last year's dire projection, Social Security spending will nearly double over the next decade and **disability** claims are high and rising. Are you worried about the future of Social Security? Are **...**
[Local **disability** claims rising]( Daily Press
[Are **Disability** Ratings for Veterans Similar to Those for Other SSDI Applicants?]( (press release)
[The Law Offices of Eric A Shore is Now Taking **Disability** Insurance Cases in 2013]( Web (press release)
[Houston Chronicle](;-[EIN News (press release)](;-[NewYorkInjuryNews (press release)](
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