Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disability insurance entitlement explodes under Obama - Baltimore Sun

[****Disability** insurance entitlement explodes under Obama**](,0,3103214.column)
**Baltimore Sun**
"Exhibit A" is the Social Security **Disability** Insurance program (SSDI), a classic Washington entitlement that chews up tax dollars while (often) negligently providing for unqualified beneficiaries, an increasing number of whom are wont to remain on the **...**
[Leavenworth woman sentenced in **disability** fraud case]( Times
[Leavenworth woman sentenced to one year, one day in prison for **disability** fraud]( Journal World
[Austin **Disability** Benefits Lawyer At The Bob Richardson Law Firm Says New **...**]( (press release)
[Go Banking Rates](;-[Hutchinson News](
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